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Jury Duty with COVID

Our legal system, has been on hold since March of 2020. You might be thinking wait but courts are in session. Yes, but jury duty hasn’t...

Data or Narrative?

Is this data or narrative? (Screenshots from Governor Little's virtual press Conference on Covid this morning.)

Covid Math

Let's do the math on Covid in the 5 northern counties of Idaho. 160,000 ish people in the Panhandle Health District. 241 deaths in the...

Don't Be A Hypocrite!

Don't you just love hypocritical virtue signalers? Before the Kootenai County Commissioner Status update meeting today (2/1/21) everyone...

Idaho Speaks Podcast!

Just recorded an podcast episode for Idaho Speaks about the upcoming Panhandle Health District meeting and the mask mandate agenda item. ...

Caroling in Coeur d'Alene

What do you do, when the city of Coeur d’Alene wants you to mask up outside and the Governor doesn’t want groups of more than 10 people?...