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Mask Mandate Vote by the Panhandle Health Board of Trustees on 1/28/21

The audio is poor so turn up your volume when listening.

Mclandress talks starting about 2 minutes in to the video.

"Our job is to best protect the people in our area."

"We are flooded with nonsense that this is nothing more than the flu. That is nonsense, we know better."

"These people who refuse to wear a mask, who refuse to limit gathering, who go to restaurants and sit close to each other whether inside or outside - these people who are ignoring the reality - these people have blood on their hands!"

"People have died, more people will die. The self-centered, myopic vision of people who focus on personal rights totally misses the big picture….our medical research, our experts, show that our risks are increasing in the future."

"This is not a time to back away, this is a time to step forward, to rise to work to defend each other physically, emotionally, etc. This mask mandate recognizes the importance of this issue. It sends a message to our neighbors and neighboring states. … the message is that we mean it and that we want to protect our people."

"We can not base our decison on the personal opinions or on the actions of our law enforcement leadership."


"So called facts that mclandress cites are just opinion."

"There is not significant difference between areas that have mask mandates and those that don’t."

"The whole idea that if we don’t vote for a mask mandate then we are bad people is just silly. It is fear mongering. It is not sound medically or scientifically."

Bailey "I agree with Alan. I am hearing a lot of fear tactics and fear mongering regarding the use of masks and whether they are effective or not. I do not see the data to support the mask mandate. I see a lot of businesses suffering because of the restrictions that have been imposed at the state level. And I see a lot of people ignoring the mask mandate, what is the effectiveness of it. "

"The cost in lives is not worth a mandate. "

"The threat of death by COIVd is being manilpulated, maximized for political purposes and not based on the science. And not based on what we need to do in our health district."


"We are still in the midst of a pandemic. This is not the time to let down our guard, we need to double down."

"We need to avoid another deadly surge."

"The hospital capacity is concerning."

"We are not here for ourselves. We wear other hats in our personal and professional lives. We are here as a public health board."

"We need to follow our mandate and the powers given to us through Idaho code - to protect and preserve public health. We continue to have our leadership tested."

"I continue to be an advocate for the mask order."

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