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Mask Wearing in Kootenai County School Districts

Is this happening to you? Please email me if it is:

"Scared to post this for school retaliation- but my child is getting reprimanded daily by his/her teacher for not properly wearing his/her mask above the nose. (My child has tiny nostrils). After multiple disciplinary actions (taking away recesses) I suggested I would buy my child a face shield. "

The response from the principal was this: "They are only allowed with approval by the district COVID team. The student has to have a Dr's note, and then that gets turned in to us and we submit it to the DO for approval."

A school district's COIVD team knows better than the child's doctor? Can you guess which school district in Kootenai County this involves ?

With this post is the form the student's doctor has to fill out for the district COVID team. When did not being able to wear a mask become a "disability"?

Join me in emailing the Coeur d'Alene School District to tell them a COIVD teams mask approval is undermining parental rights.

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