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Travis Lohr

Here is the sequence of events for what happened in the last few days regarding Travis Lohr.

June 1st - Kellogg High School has reportedly denied a senior male student the ability to walk at graduation because he stated “Guys are guys and girls are girls,” Lohr said. “There is no in-between.”

A student protest on his behalf is being planned for tomorrow we are told.

The Principal and school district have not responded to emails asking for further information. The local newspaper is meeting with the student today.

June 2nd - Over 100 parents and students protested Kellogg High School's decision to punish a student for saying "Guys are guys and girls are girls. There is no in-between.

In spite of today's protest, Travis Lohr will not be allowed to participate in the graduation ceremony.

That evening the Kellogg School District decides to postpone the graduation due to safety concerns.

A bus driver that comes to support the students protesting on his day off. He is then fired by the Kellogg School District. His name is Dakota Mailloux.

June 3rd - The Kellogg School District changes their mind and graduation happens at a secret location and a different time than previously planned. Travis is not allowed to participate and his picture is removed from the senior slideshow.

June 4th - Travis Lohr does an interview with Fox News. He mentions that his job offer to be a smoke jumper was revoked due to his comments at school.

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