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Coeur d'Alene City Council Emergency Meeting - Medical Proof

CDA Mayor Steve Widmeyer - In my opinion, while I might not get a chance to vote, if someone gives a medical reason I don't think we should cite them or ask them for further proof."

Police Chief Lee White responds, "We are not doctors, if someone says they have a medical condition we will take them at their word." "I don't expect our officers to make that judgement."

CDA City Council Kiki Miller - "My understanding was that it wasn't a decision making piece for law enforcement." "Is it up to the police officers discretion to give a warning or a ticket infraction."

CDA Police Chief Lee White - "I can not express how problematic it is with people coming over from our neighbor to the west. It has caused a whole host of issues. Before it was people wanting to have a good time. Now we have hard core gangsters down town now, that are coming to hang out. Because we are open until 2 am, and their bars close at 10 pm."

CDA City Council Woody McEvers - "Who are the businesses responsible for? His customers? His crew? Inside or Outside with masks?"

CDA Mayor Steve Widmeyer responds, "Inside or Outside if you can't maintain the six foot distance. That is where the mask would come in."

CDA City Council Woody McEvers - "So are you saying that everyone who comes into my business has to wear a mask?"


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