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Coeur d'Alene City Council Emergency Meeting - 90 days

CDA city council Christie Woods - "What wording would we have for medical exceptions if someone was issued a citation and went to court?"

Wes Somerton - "I think it is an affirmative defense if they provide some kind of documentation. That shows they have a medical exception. It is like not having a drivers license. It is required to be on you. If you take your drivers license down to court the citation is dismissed."

Wes Somerton - "We don't need to get into their detailed medical history. Providers are used to providing those simple kinds of letters.

Christie Woods - "If this is passed it is meant to be a temporary ordinance. "At some point we will want to come back and revisit this. I say this should be for 90 days at least. Then we can come back and determine if it is necessary to continue."

CDA City Council Kiki Miller - "Some experts say we haven't even hit our peak cold and flu season yet. I'm wondering if we can put something in there, unless there is a circumstance where we can look at it again. " "A full 90 would put us at the end of January."

Christie Woods - "I''m throwing out 90 days from what the experts have said on how covid works."


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