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Coeur d'Alene City Council Emergency Meeting - Dan Gookin - Masks and Voting

CDA City Council Dan Gookin - Hypothetically, it's election day and my opponent decides to call the police on my supporters since they aren't wearing masks. Is there an exemption for a polling place?"

Wes Somerton - "There is not."

Dan Gookin - The state of Idaho mandates that polling places be open to the public. Is this just one of those things where two laws rub against each other?"

Wes Somerton - "Give it to me in the context of which is was written."

Dan Gookin - "So basically if I don't wear a mask on Tuesday I can't vote in this country. How is that not disenfranchisement?"

Wes Somerton - "Is that the intent?"

Dan Gookin - "I have a different term for this document. It's embarrassing. "I want to know if anyone is going to be written a citation for standing in line to vote without a mask. That would be great television."


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