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You Guys Need to Own This Process - NIC Presidential Candidate Interviews

North Idaho College Trustee Banducci pass out a hand out. He notes that the agenda for this interview has changed for the third time. He says he is expressing his concerns before the candidate is brought in. (Nick Swayne being interviewed.) Banducci's concern is that this candidate who will have a different interview process than the prior two candidates. "If I talked with Brad, I'd ask for my money back."

He points out that Greg Mckenzie has questions for the candidates that no one will talk about. "You own it because you broke it. You have arrange it so we couldn't have full participation." He stood up and left. Trustee Wold apologizes for Banducci's behavior.

North Idaho Trustee Mckenzie speaks. He states that there was no including of the elected trustees vs the appointed ones. "You guys could have accommodated work schedules to make this a much smoother work process." "I have provided the candidate my questions. I will assume that they will be factored in as if I was here. I expect you to respect me in my absence. I have a day job and multiple responsibilities. I do think that this process is unfair to the candidates and to the people you represent. I appreciate Banducci’s words."

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Sheep Dog
Sheep Dog
Jun 14, 2022

Little appointed 3 of these Trustees. The taxpayer/voters in the area did not vote for them therefore the new President's contract should have a no sue clause and a temporary appointment UNTIL duly elected trustees are in place by the local community. Or perhaps they could wait until a the Board is actually elected by the community.

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