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Vaccine HB 415

Here is another jab bill being discussed.

Idaho House Bill 415.

My concern with this bill is that it doesn't have enough specifics on a signed religious statement. Does a "committee" get to "approve" it? Adding words that submission itself means an exemption is granted would make this a great bill.

Please email the House Business Committee and let them know what you think of this bill.

Sage Dixon Chair of the Committee -

Rod Furniss Vice Chair of the Committee -

Vito Barberi -

Brent Crane -

Joe Palmer -

Randy Armstrong -

Guyana DeMordaunt -

Lance Slow -

Tammy Nichols -

Ben Adams -

Greg Ferch -

Codi Galloway -

Brandon Mitchell -

Charlie Shepherd -

Steve Berch -

Brooke Green -


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