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Social Indoctrination Curriculum for Pre-Schoolers

I wrote Idaho Senator Peter Riggs regarding his "yes" vote on SB 1193. (Social Indoctrination curriculum for pre-schoolers.)


"I am extremely disappointed in your yes vote on SB 1193.

This vote shows that you are for indoctrination.

Not all grant funding is good. Idaho should be selective about what grants it takes.

Pre-school/toddler education can be funded without indoctrination."

Riggs response:

"I know you’re disappointed, and I’m sorry. It was a tough call, but I’m an optimist and I have faith in the parents of Idaho.

I am in no way in favor of indoctrination, critical race theory, or any social justice programming. The idea of it makes me sick. And if this program was being administered by the national organization without local control, then there’s no way I could support it. However, this funding is geared towards just building a base foundation for our children to learn as they progress through life. The earlier our children learn how to read and write, the better equipped they’ll be to think for themselves and avoid indoctrination. The less prepared our children are, the more susceptible they are to trusting the words of “trusted” teachers. If we can get these kids reading before they can even comprehend what the liberal social justice agenda is, the more protected they’ll be from simply taking an authority figure at their word.

Reading, writing, and math skills are the knowledge foundations upon which every critical decision they’ll make is built. As much as I’m concerned about inappropriate things being taught to very young children, I’m more concerned about our older children not having the critical thinking skills necessary to refute these false teachings. I want us to build an army of free-thinking individuals, and I believe teaching them to read as early as possible is one of the strongest pathways we have.

I hope that makes sense."

Me: "I strongly don't agree but I appreciate the response."

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