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Agitprops vs. Reality and Founding Fathers’ Principles

Recently, a community member wrote a My Turn overflowing with inaccuracies in this paper. One was that I have inserted the culture war at CLN. Fact: the culture war has been quietly enacted at libraries across the country for decades. But now there is more effective opposition that is exposing this anti-moral, anti-family,  & anti-American agenda. Another inaccuracy was that “evidence” was presented to CLN that the board majority had violated Open Meeting Laws. Fact: this so called evidence was actually unsubstantiated accusations by a disgruntled former CLN trustee who was ousted last year. But why let truth get in the way when there are conservatives to trash?!

I’m sure it wasn’t always this way, but it seems the current primary reason for existence of the CDA Press is to spread leftist propaganda to stir up voters against conservative candidates so the wicked woke rule over us and destroy Americanism. I’m guessing that’s why it has the nicknames of Trash Press and Pravda. Part of that mission is accomplished by constant attentive faultfinding against KCRCC candidate recommendations, frequently based on a tiny grain of truth or completely manufactured.

Have you ever analyzed how much slanted inflammatory vicious language is printed in the CDA Press? Or how rarely they report on the good things the NIC board or the CLN board does? Or how often they quote people saying really nasty things against conservative officials (possibly to avoid liability on the paper’s part)? That isn’t dispassionately reporting news. These are propaganda tactics to carry out an agenda.

It appears they love to employ Marxist/Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals/woke wicked tactics: 1) throw out a bunch of lies and see what sticks. Some will get exposed, but they don’t care as long as one or more get through and become lodged as ‘truth’ in the public consciousness. Then throw out the next batch of lies. Repeat.  2) If someone disagrees with them, trash them as being (     ) <fill in the blank with currently popular leftist smear, i.e. racist, homophobic, white christian nationalist, capitalist, colonizer, privileged, misogynist etc etc ad nauseum>. No evidence or even real suspicion necessary, just smear, smear, smear. 3) Project what the left is doing on their conservative ideological opponents.

I highly recommend conservatives watch The Rocky Mountain Heist: a ~45min documentary by Michelle Malkin available free on Rumble. It details many of the dirty tactics strategically used to turn Colorado from red to blue. You will then recognize many of the things happening in Idaho that previously didn’t make sense.

Around the time I was elected  (May 2021) to the Community Library Network board, there was a CDA Press article trashing me as the only person ever elected to a non-partisan race here that put a Republican affiliation with my name on the ballot. I knew I hadn’t done so, but wanted to make sure. I had the elections office send me a sample ballot from that election and sure enough: only my name was listed, no political affiliation. This “reported fact” was completely made up out of thin air, and I have proof. I communicated this to the CDA Press, but don’t remember ever seeing or hearing of a retraction.

Seems to me that a disproportionate amount of what’s in the CDA Press is designed to inspire distrust of KCRCC (Kootenai County Republican Central Committee) recommendations. They aren’t professional! They aren’t perfect! They aren’t …. whatever.  I’m not a member of the KCRCC, but my understanding is they conscientiously vet candidates and recommend the best citizen servant among those vetted. They don’t search out the slickest (lying) politician in the county. What our Founding Fathers envisioned was a nation of involved citizen servants (maybe not as ‘professional’, but at least good people who wouldn’t lead our country to moral or other destruction) who live their lives, go serve their community in elected positions and then go home. There are imperfections in this as all humans are imperfect, but much better than having America hating professional lying politicians ruling us.

Might I remind The People of what the slickest woke professional politicians have turned blue cities into (Portland, Seattle, Chicago, etc)? On what planet are those insidious infestations preferable?! KCRCC recommendations are not perfect, but KCRCC does its research and tries to recommend the best conservatives from the pool.

I hope you do your own research and PRAY, VOTE, & PRAY some more. God Bless!

Rachelle Ottosen, CLN Chair

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