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North Idaho College Board of Trustees - College President Salary Discussion - May 2022

NIC Trustee Banducci mentions that the previous college president's salary was $200,000. The current interim president's salary is $180,000. That is about $15,000 a month.

Trustee Goeede states that he thinks the higher salary is important due to the high cost of housing and living. Doesn’t think we can find a quality candidate for less than the salary range he suggested.

Trustee McKenzie asks if Trustee Goedde would be open to a mixture of items to get to that amount like a cost of moving stipend. Goedde says no he would not be open to that.

Trustee Banducci points out that with health insurance and state retirement it will be approaching $300,00 if they stay with Goeddes suggested salary range.

Trustee Mckenzie mentions this new president's salary will be 4 times the salary of other employees at North Idaho College.


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