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Long Time Resident Perspective on North Idaho Republicans

Shared from a long time Post Falls resident:

"I live in Idaho, I expect the government here to be freedom oriented. People move here, regardless of the traffic it causes, they move here for the perceived freedom because Idaho is a 'red' state.

During covid, the conservatives, and anyone else that believes in limited government, we found out real quick that Idaho was a red state with blue management. This is due to many republicans, as Idaho is controlled by republicans. What Idaho do you want? The one that classifies you as nonesstieantal, or the one that fights for your individual liberty? Our previous AG was a dumpster fire. We finally have one who is fighting against Biden and his federal overreach.

Without these conservative and liberty minded committees, we would still be stuck with an ambulance chaser as our AG.

A big tent republican party would welcome liberty minded folks (not try to overthrow them) and reinstall more people who would gladly impose more lockdowns.

End vent"

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