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Duty is Ours, Results Are God's.

"As Roe vs Wade is overturned lots of babies will be needing homes, and pro-life ministries will need help. If you have the finances to give or time, please consider this pro-life clinic right here in Hayden. (Open Arms -

Also please remember we need to pass legislation that makes adoption easier and cheaper here in Idaho. Please reach out to your legislators and ask them for legislation to do both. Right now adoption takes a long time and is so expensive, that regular people have a hard time affording it.

Also please remember what consistency does. Since 1973 people have been faithfully working to over turn Rose vs Wade. It took 49 years of faithful, consistent work. That is what we need to remember as we work to save our country. Things do not happen over night and it is going to take consistency and dedication and times, but it will likely pay off!

John Quincy Adams (6th president) fought his whole life to end slavery. Every single session of Congress he introduced a law to abolish slavery. Everyone got so tied of him doing that, that they passed a gag order to shut him up. When a reporter asked him why he continued to bring up the issue every session with no progress, he answered, "Duty is ours, the results are God's."

Adams died never seeing the results of his work but he did it anyway. We never know what our work now will do, but our dedication to God, our county, and our families, and generations that come after us have the potential to change the course of this country back to it's original, biblical, Godly, design where morality and freedom prevail and people are conscious of God. So keep working.

Thank be to God!"

By H.G.


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