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Duh! Idaho Democrats Are Restricted From Voting In Republican Primaries.

"March 11th (2022) is the last day that Democrats can register Republican for the May 17th primary. Democrats are the only group of voter with this restriction put on them. Unaffiliated voters like myself can register Republican up to election day."

Duh! One of many reasons why a closed primary is a good thing.

Which states have open primaries? Which states don't? Look at other states who do not have closed primaries, are people moving there or moving away?

The woman in this video is Alicia Abbott of Sandpoint, Idaho. She works with the Idaho 97 Project and has worked with Reclaim Idaho previously. She proudly claims to be an unaffiliated voter. She should not be voting in a closed Republican primary, just like I should not be voting in a closed Democrat primary.

The Idaho 97 Project is a Democrat group that works with Reclaim Idaho, also a Democrat group. Both groups are working to turn Idaho blue.

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