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Democrats Influencing Court Decisions on Purpose

"Some people in the past have made the comment that giving testimony (to the Legislature) is a waste of time."

"We agree that sometimes going into those committee meetings is like talking to a brick wall. We know that that testimony is still important because if bad bill make it into law in Idaho, that public testimony can come into play when we challenge those bad policies in court. That is exactly why we have medicaid expansion in Idaho."

"It influenced the outcome of litigation."

Is it just me or does it sound like they plan to always challenge laws in court that they don't like?

Did Governor Brad Little do this on the abortion bill that he signed into law? Did he purposely create something to be used in court?

The Idaho 97 Project is a Democrat group that works with Reclaim Idaho, also a Democrat group. Both groups are working to turn Idaho blue.

The woman in this video is Alicia Abbott of Sandpoint, Idaho. She works with the Idaho 97 Project and has worked with Reclaim Idaho previously.

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