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Democrat Trying To Be Republican

Precinct 419 - Vote Whitehead for Precinct Committeeman.

Whitehead has been a registered Republican since she was 18 years old and is consistently conservative.

She has an opponent that is a Democrat trying to pass himself off as Republican.

He "left" the Republican Party in 2012, but then re-registered Republican from 2012-2020.What ballot did he request in 2108 and 2020? THE DEMOCRAT ONE.

Guess who he voted for in 2020 - Joe Biden.

In 2020 he registered Independent. Now Swingrover is Republican again in 2022.

These are not lies. This is public record.

Also, keep in mind that Swingrover is the husband of former CDA School Board Trustee Lindsey Swingrover. Lindsey lost her re-election for a reason. She doesn't represent North Idaho values. I doubt that Louis does either.

Please get the word out in Precinct 419 – Vote for Lisa Whitehead.

Precinct 419 includes Sanders Beach, Potlach Hill, Silver Beach area, Syringa Heights and E Mullan Trail (west of I90).


It’s public record he voted for Biden? That can’t be right. Secret ballot and all that. The worst you had on this guy was that he went unafliated a few times and requested a couple democratic primary ballots? Not sure I follow. I’m sure Lisa’s great but I don’t see why you’re targeting this other dude.

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