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Cultural Responsive Teaching = Critical Race Theory

"Par for the course, the School Board meeting for today, May 17th, has an unsuspecting new addition to the agenda. They bumped up the vote on the curriculum resource from 05/22 to tomorrow.

Folks, this curriculum resource is CRT and they seem to be content in adopting it even though there has been some backlash over the process on how they reviewed it. Board Trustee Leslie Bjerke requested the board to vote for a pilot process.

We can not let this stand, we can not let them vote to adopt this curriculum resource. We need to show up to the meeting ready to stand our ground as parents and as a community. Remind them who they work for! Who is with me?"

5 pm at the Midtown Meeting Center - 1505 N 5th St, CDA

If you are unable to attend the meeting please consider emailing the board clerk:

Anthony Tidd

Cultural Responsive Teaching = Critical Race Theory

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