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Contract for New Community Library Director

The new Director of the Community Library Network starts work in June. The Trustees are the boss of the director. Here are some highlights from the contract:

1) It is a two year contract.

2) The annual salary of $128K is ~$20K/year more than the last director.

3) Moving stipend of $15K

4) If the director is terminated for cause the director receives 6 months severance pay, etc. Keep in mind this is even if she fails to do her job or show up. If her and the trustees mutually agree to terminate her contract she still gets 6 months severance pay.

5) It will take an affirmative vote of 4 of the 5 trustees to fire the director if she does not live up to board expectations, despite the normal vote being a majority.

The salary for this job is way above average per

Why is taxpayer money being used this way? Is 6 month severance pay normal? Isn't the $15k to move a tad high?

Can you guess which Community Library Network Trustees voted for this? How can the incumbents think this is a responsible contract?

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