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Coeur d'Alene City Council Emergency Meeting - CDA Police Chief Lee White -Enforcement Part 2

CDA Police Chief Lee White - "The bars at night are packed. Not only on the dance floor but waiting in line to get in. We get calls there every single night. Is it the intent of the council for us to go give a couple hundred citations?"

CDA City Council Christie Woods responds, "Very possibly you could. You might get compliance as well."

CDA City Council Dan Gookin then says, "So this is where this topic escapes the clutches of science and moves to playground of politics. So we are done with science now."

CDA Police Chief Lee White - "Is is the will of council that we issue those citations? Or do we go to what we have been doing, education.

"Should we cite those individuals that tell us to go away or have a medical excuse?"

"The way I interpret this is that if someone has a medical condition then we would use our discretion and not issue a citation."

'What is the will of council and how would you like us to act."

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