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Brumley and Pickford

Part 1 of 4 Public Records requests are a wonderful thing! Thank you to the people that did this one.

Jennifer Brumly and Tambra Pickford didn't just decide to step down as Trustees of the CDA School District.

"There was INDEED a confirmed lawsuit draft (with drafted legal pleadings in this records request you can view) against our trustees who voted down mask mandates.

The law firm is Lukis and Annis. Casey Morrisroe, Tambra Pickford, and Jennifer Brumley were the only defendants named. A letter from Michael Schmidt, Plaintiff, threatens the trustees by giving them until September 28th to mask our children or else. Just days later, Jennifer and Tambra step down.

The letter reads "Please see attached DRAFT of a verified petition against you individually, and against the School District. I anticipate emending the same somewhat before filing. You have until Tuesday, September 28 to confirm you are taking specific and meaningful steps towards fulfilling your statutory duties (as clarified in the Petition) or I will be adding Plaintiffs to the attached filing the same after further review and amendment.

While this petition is a draft, I believe it is sufficiently detailed to allow you to evaluate the merits of the claims, and hopefully encourages you to change course before a court compels you to. I would seek award of attorney fees in connection with the filing of the petition as well." Just days later, Jennifer Brumley and Tambra Pickford step down. "

See the attached screenshots or go to my webpage to download the whole records request and view it for yourself.

Download PDF • 3.49MB

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