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Bonner GOP Responds to Commissioner Threats & TRO

By Scott Herndon, Chairman, BCRCC

"Late last Friday I was informed that there is an allegation of a personal threat against Bonner County Commissioner Asia Williams by Bonner County Commissioner and chair Steve Bradshaw. The nature of the threat against Commissioner Williams regards harm to her personal safety.

I believe in due process and I fully expect and demand that the legal system will find the truth. Unfortunately, the allegation is not surprising. I have been shocked by commissioner Bradshaw’s inability to conduct his duties in a professional manner ever since Asia Williams assumed office in January. He regularly exhibits zero ability to control himself next to Asia. It is as if Commissioner Williams is a constant provocation to his most base nature. He treats her like a child and regularly exhibits disdain for her.

Commissioner Bradshaw has also been unable to conduct meetings following basic rules of governmental order. Rather than allowing commissioner Williams her ability to debate and represent constituents in Bonner County, I have watched multiple occasions where she is cut off, in violation of Robert’s Rules, and is further insulted by commissioner Bradshaw’s comments in gross displays of unprofessional behavior.

Frankly, we have been at the point for many months now where Steve Bradshaw’s public conduct brings shame to the conservative Bonner County Republican Party. Considering that he is also a pastor of an evangelical Christian church also brings discredit to those who name Christ as their Lord, of which I am one.

Watching the conduct of the Bonner County Commissioner meetings as they are guided by Steve Bradshaw makes me thankful for the professional standards of conduct of the Idaho Senate, in which I serve. There, many of us disagree significantly on some policy, but we disagree agreeably and always treat the public and each other with high regard and professionalism. Of course that is the way all elected representatives should conduct the government’s business since we are in these elected positions as fiduciaries of the sacred, public trust.

I hope that there is no real threat to commissioner Williams as she continues to strive to faithfully represent the people of Bonner County and as the court adjudicates the current allegations that give rise to the restraining order against commissioner Bradshaw.

Regardless of what happens in court, there needs to be a dramatic change in the course of the Bonner County Commissioners. In my mind, we are at the point where Commissioner Bradshaw should resign. If he refuses that, then the second option would be a public apology to Commissioner Williams and to Bonner County for how he has conducted the county’s business for the last 8 months, and then I think it is absolutely necessary that he resign as chair of the Bonner County Board of Commissioners. What I am calling for is repentance – a 180 degree turn in his conduct by commissioner Steve Bradshaw.

I am not confident in this second path though, because I am certainly not confident, by observation, in Commissioner Luke Omodt’s ability to respectfully run a meeting that still contains commissioner Bradshaw, while also allowing commissioner Williams to fulfill her commissioner responsibilities by capably representing the interests of the people of Bonner County.

It is important that both commissioners Bradshaw and Omodt know that what is at stake here is the reputation of Bonner County and the reputation of conservative Republicans throughout the state. We Republicans absolutely expect decorum, the rule of law, orderly conduct of business, and a high regard for all elected representatives. If commissioner Asia Williams is being disrespected, and even threatened, then the people of Bonner County are being disrespected and threatened, since she is there in our stead.

All human beings are made in God’s image. We ought to faithfully love each other and respect each other’s inherent value and treat each other with dignity, especially in the conduct of the public’s business. It is dire that commissioner Bradshaw consider the two options that I have presented in this letter."


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