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Ask NIC Trustee Howard to Resign from the NIC Presidential Search Committee

North Idaho College Trustee Ken Howard has opened the college up to liability in terms of the search for President for the college.

Interim NIC President Sebaaly is among the candidates being considered to be the next NIC President.

Trustee Howard recently said, “He [Sebaaly} need to be replaced. Not in November, but now.” Then he said,”I hope that whoever replaces us will immediately thank and dismiss him from his current role.”

Is NIC Trustee Howard purposely opening up the college to another lawsuit? Sebaaly sure does have grounds based on Howard’s statements. How can an applicant get a fair chance after the statements made by Howard?

Howard continues to be a member of the president search committee for NIC even thought he will officially resign as a trustee on May 3rd.

Let’s email the following people and ask that Ken Howard be asked to step down from the NIC President Search Committee. Also, consider emailing and ask that the State Board of Education follow Idaho code 33-2106.


Here is the link to the article quoted in this post:


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