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This was emailed to the Post Falls Chamber of Commerce:

"Good Afternoon,

I had some questions.

Does the Post Falls Chamber of commerce support Vaccine mandates or mask mandates?

How are you as the chamber helping protect Idahoans freedoms? Lastly, why is the Post Falls Chamber supporting Scott Bedke?"

Here is the response received:

"Thank you for reaching out. I appreciate your interest of the Post Falls Chamber. The Post Falls Chamber is a non-profit organization designed to support area business through education, advocacy and service. We are an apolitical organization.

We focus our political efforts on issues that affect the business community through the Joint Chamber Public Policy Committee. All four local Chambers participate in this group. What we do in Public Policy is bring local business leaders and government officials together to share information about work being done in legislature that effects the business community. The officials share what is going on and our local leaders have a chance to ask questions and offer suggestions. We are the vehicle to make that discussion happen. On occasion, if an issue is on the floor that we feel we need to take a stand on, we will consult with our Board of Directors and membership to see what message we should share with the responsible officials of said issue and then we send letters to the appropriate contacts with our stance. Recently, we wrote a letter supporting the practice of choice. We believe, as the Governor does, that businesses should have the choice to decide what is best for their business.

As far as the question on Speaker Bedke. We work hard to keep our members and members of the community informed. We recently hosted candidate forums and shared them on YouTube for the community to have the opportunity to be educated voters. Scott Bedke is the current Speaker of the House and since the legislature is not currently in session we thought it would be a great time to have him share a State of the Union of sorts and answer questions regarding the upcoming session for 2022. It was an educational opportunity and nothing more than that.

The Chamber does support any candidate ever, that is not our role. We are here to inform the community and be a resource for our members."

Raise your hand if you think that the Post Falls Chamber of Commerce has been apolitical in this current election cycle.

(Thank you to the person who submitted this. You know who you are.)


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