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Act of Violence to Attend Public Meetings? - Idaho 97 Project

The Idaho 97 Project is a Democrat group that works with Reclaim Idaho, also a Democrat group. Both groups are working to turn Idaho blue.

The woman in this video is Alicia Abbott of Sandpoint, Idaho. She works with the Idaho 97 Project and has worked with Reclaim Idaho previously.

Ms. Abbott states, "...up in rural Idaho we are seeing a barrage of um groups coming to public meetings - library board meetings - public health board meetings in large groups some armed very hostile groups that are um really trying to harass other that they don't agree with...."

Does Abbott realize how many people conceal carry at public meetings?

I have seen video from CLN Library board meetings, and from North Idaho College Board meetings were the liberals are hostile and harassing.

Attending public meetings like library meetings and health board meetings is not oppressive! It means people are getting involved. Sounds like the Idaho 97 Project is intolerant of opinions they don't approve of.

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