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32.5% Tax Increase for City of Hayden

The City of Hayden is putting a levy for the voters to vote on in November. My concern is with the language of the levy.

"new base budget" = permanent tax increase

If I understand the numbers right, the base budget of the City of Hayden will increase by almost $600,000 FOREVER.

This levy will increase taxes in the City of Hayden by 32.5%. This doesn't even include other raises in taxes from the local school district, fire district, etc.

DO YOU WANT A 32.5% increase in taxes?

The commission that recommended this levy measure states that this levy is to "properly fund the sheriff’s department." I think that we all agree that we want to properly fund the sheriff's department.

If this levy was to truly provide for law enforcement, why isn’t the levy money given a specific budget item? Or is it and I missed it?

If the statement that the levy is only funding law enforcement is true, then why is Hayden Urban Renewal getting some of the levy money? Of Course the city is saying that HURA gets none of the levy money but from what I read in statue if the base budget is increased, money to urban renewal is increased.

Email the mayor and city council:

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