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Voter Turnout of Democrats Has Protected Smaller Elected Boards?

"The reason we (Idaho 97% and Reclaim Idaho) are focusing on voter turnout is because that has protected our smaller boards in Bonner County and Kootenai County for several elections in a row."

The woman in this video is Alicia Abbott of Sandpoint, Idaho. She works with the Idaho 97 Project and has worked with Reclaim Idaho previously.

The Idaho 97 Project is a Democrat group that works with Reclaim Idaho, also a Democrat group. Both groups are working to turn Idaho blue.

Abbott just confirmed what I had suspected for a few years. That the Democrats are the reason we have smaller elected boards that have the same members for a long times and that this may be part of the reason why the smaller elected boards ignore the voice of the people.

Did you know that the Idaho 97 Project thinks that they are the reason for increased voter turnout?

This is laughable due to the large number of groups, mostly Republican, that have been working to increase voter turnout.

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