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Vaccine Bill HB410

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

There are jab related bills being discussed by the Idaho House. This is House Bill 410. I like the simplicity of it.

There is some concern that this bill doesn't cover Meidcaid/Medicare, but Rep. Crane pointed out that they can only write state law not federal law.

Please email the House Business Committee and let them know what you think of this bill.

Sage Dixon Chair of the Committee -

Rod Furniss Vice Chair of the Committee -

Vito Barberi -

Brent Crane -

Joe Palmer -

Randy Armstrong -

Guyana DeMordaunt -

Lance Slow -

Kevin Andrus -

Tammy Nichols -

Ben Adams -

Matt Bundy -

Greg Ferch -

Codi Galloway -

Brandon Mitchell -

Charlie Shepherd -

Steve Berch -

Brooke Green -

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