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Thomas Shafer – Running for Hayden City Council

"In this conversation, Ed Bejarana welcomes Thomas Shafer, who is running for a seat on the Hayden City Council. They discuss various topics related to Tom’s candidacy and his views on issues facing the city. Tom explains his motivation for running, highlighting his concerns about rapid growth and development that could lead to issues similar to those experienced in other areas. He emphasizes his small government libertarian and socially conservative beliefs, including his pro-life stance and opposition to mandates during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Tom discusses his professional background in telecom and aerospace engineering, his role as an elected trustee in a soil water conservation district, and his experience in dealing with local public forums. He expresses a desire to encourage citizen engagement and participation in local government decisions.

He addresses issues such as housing affordability, managing growth, and the role of the Hayden Urban Renewal Agency (HURA). Tom critiques the current city operations, citing concerns about transparency, decision-making processes, and the use of consent calendars for voting on multiple items without individual discussion. He emphasizes the need for better communication between council members and constituents, advocating for a two-week review period for city council packages.

Tom envisions a future for Hayden that focuses on rational and responsible growth, emphasizing single-family homeownership and avoiding excessive high-density developments. He aims to provide a voice for citizens and address their concerns as an elected representative. The conversation concludes with Tom’s call for more attentive and responsive city leadership, promising to be an advocate for the community’s interests if elected."


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