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Statement from Clean Books 4 Kids

"Breaking news and a statement from CleanBooks4Kids in Kootenai County (ID Panhandle).

The Community Library Network's Director Amy Rodda’ has resigned. She said she spends 65% of her time defending the library rather than running it. Her stated #1 reason is that she needs a regular job so she can better attend to a family health crisis. #2 is the ‘politicization’ and non-support of her and the staff. She already has a job lined up in Colorado after relocating to the Coeur d'Alene area in April 2021.

Our hearts go out to her for any health crisis in her life and we congratulate her on her new job.

If "politicization" is referring to the hard work groups like CleanBooks4Kids and other concerned citizens are doing to expose all the pornographic, sexually explicit, gender fluid/identity, racist, etc. content THAT IS AVAILABLE FOR CHILDREN, then so be it.

We do not apologize for protecting kids and shall continue the fight!"

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