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Sign Theft

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

****Monday 1:30 pm update

Brent Regan, KCRCC Chairman, posted this:

Kiki Miller and husband were spotted removing signs from Northwest Blvd. She admits to doing the crime but says the property owner asked her to collect the signs including a sign owned by her opponent. Really. So of all the people the property owner knows, he calls Kiki to remove her opponent's sign in broad daylight.

Were the signs hers? No

Was the property hers? No

Is she a CDA Code Enforcement employee? No

Did she also take down the signs of her slate? No

Did she confirm that one of the tenants did NOT give permission for the sighs? No

Miller is either incredibly stupid or incredibly arrogant but she is not incredibly smart.

Public records show Miller lied about not being invited to participate in the GOP Rating and Vetting process. Why should anyone believe her unbelievable "story" now.

****10 pm, Sunday, update Looked at the property myself and took video. Who owns the rock/trees area between the road and the sidewalk? It looks to be public property but sometimes the property owner owns it.

Kiki Miller is saying that she was helping out a friend. That she knows the owner of the property. Through the county webpage, I looked up the owner, Don Smock. Who is friends with Miller on Facebook.

Why does Kiki think she is the weekend code enforcement for CDA? Where are the signs going that are being taken out? Are they going to city hall?

Does Miller have no discernment? Why would you touch much less move an opponents sign? That is unethical. Why not notify code enforcement and wait for them to deal with it? Here is video of the area:

****3:15 pm, Sunday, update New claims have surfaced. Talk of the signs being removed being on private property. *****

Sure looks like CDA City Council Member, Kiki Millier, has been caught taking conservative signs. Hopefully I will get footage soon.

Look at the picture below and then at the comments. See if you agree.

This couple was caught taking all seven conservative candidate signs that had just been put out in Coeur d'Alene. Shame on them. I hope the police have been notified.

In Post Falls a swastika was painted on a 4x8 sign at Greensferry and Mullan that supported the three conservative school board candidates. Post Falls Police report has been filed.

If you would like to contribute to the cost of replacing the Post Falls sign let me know and I will connect you. Cost for a new sign is about $300.

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