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Resolution to Condemn the Vote to Censure Giddings

Scott Bedke is the Speaker of the Idaho House, the captain of the ship, a position that has enormous power over the 69 other legislators. As leader he is responsible for the Kabuki show trial against his political opponent for Lt. Governor, Lt. Colonel Prescilla Giddings, which climaxed in a censure vote costing taxpayers north of $100,000.

While this stunt gave fake news media headlines, it didn't fool many voters, least of all the precinct committeemen in Kootenai County. Last night a resolution was debated and passed to condemn the action of the speaker, and those that went along with this charade, and to send Lt. Colonel Giddings a campaign contribution. The original proposed amount was $1,000 but was amended during debate to $3,000 to "really give it some teeth".

The minutes will show that the legislators that sit on our committee were either absent or abstained from this vote.

The committee also voted to send $500 each to the campaigns of Heather Scott and Bryan Smith.



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