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Protecting Children and Upholding the Law

RE: recent CLN library controversy and 12/1/21 CDA Press “Protesters target teen library patrons”

Why do legislatures legally prohibit or limit minor’s ability to smoke, use inhalants, drink, obscene material/performances, own firearms, have sex, enter sex shops, vote, drive etc?

Adults have developed their value system. Children have immature brains & are just developing value systems (i.e. they can’t process or filter information like adults); I believe this is why they are being targeted. I’m concerned that libraries (and schools) have been agendized to promote immorality to children. I’m not saying ‘live by my personal religious code’, but adhere to the basic values of Kootenai taxpayers when spending their money on children, and Idaho state statutes such as Title 18/Chapter 15.

It seems some people are interested in smearing those they disagree with, rather than truth.

Odd that so much of the CDA Press 12/1/21 “Protesters” article (ostensibly about a protest) was about the new CLN trustees, when neither of us were involved with said demonstration. The author’s assertion that both new trustees “listed their political affiliation on the ballot” is a blatant lie; this could have been easily ascertained had anyone at the CDA Press called the elections office (208-446-1030) to ask for a copy of the May ballot. The article also reports that people were yelling at and intimidating the children going to the Rainbow Squad meeting. I heard this was false. Did the reporter try to verify this by interviewing any demonstrators or any police officer who was there or reviewing the police body cam footage?

Some advance that I’m a hater (the left’s favorite label to smear anyone who disagrees with them). As a Christian, I don’t hate any of God’s children; but believe we all sin, all need the grace and forgiveness of God, and all should be treated civilly. I would hate an agenda that encouraged children to drink or smoke, but do not hate children or adults who have been drawn into that choice. Same goes for promoting sexual activity, including the LGBT lifestyle, to children. I hate the agenda, not humans. I have not suggested or even thought that persons who identify as LGBT not be allowed to use the library or its services. Only that our taxpayer funded library system not promote sexual agendas to children. I question how it qualifies as book burning or censorship to move books from one section in the library to another (children’s to adult: where innocent children won’t stumble upon it by accident/against their parents choice, but those who are seeking it can readily find it).

Some are decrying the ‘new’ ‘partisanship’ in Kootenai. I suspect they are actually upset that the leftist agenda that has predominated for decades in these non-partisan positions is being interrupted. I’m not on the board to uphold any party. Don’t responsible adults of any political affiliation have a duty to protect vulnerable children and uphold the law?


Rachelle Ottosen, CLN library trustee (not representing CLN in this letter)

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