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Protect Free Speech in CDA

The City Council of Coeur d'Alene has an agenda item that will limit free speech at city council meetings.

Their proposed rules violate Idaho Open Meeting law, violates the first amendment, seems arbitrary, and unenforceable.

Proposed Rule 9 states that each speaker must state their true name and address for the record before speaking. Otherwise you can be denied the opportunity to talk.

No other city council in the county does this. Hayden City Council asks that you give your last name and address privately if a speaker wants privacy.

Proposed Rule 11 regarding repetitive comments violates Idaho Open Meeting Law. There is no statue that restricts repetitive comments in a public comment or public hearing time.

Proposed Rule 14 states that complaining about staff, city council, etc. will not be allowed. Additionally wrong tone should not be allowed. Two thoughts on this.

First, would this apply to the Mayor and Councilmen? Their lack of civility towards people giving public comment has been very lacking.

Second, this would lead to more liability for the city due to only one avenue for grievances. Also, if you refuse an avenue for a non-resident to address grievances that could lead to more lawsuits.

Attend on Tuesday - June 7th - 6 pm!

Considering joining me in emailing the city council, the mayor, the city attorney, and the Idaho Attorney General.

Jim Hammond - Mayor -

Kiki Miller - City Council -

Amy Evans - City Council -

Woody McEvers - City Council -

Dan English - City Council -

Christie Wood - City Council -

Dan Gookin - City Council -

Randy Adamas - CDA City Lawyer -

Lawrence Wasden - Idaho Attorney General -


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