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Post Falls School District Levy

Post Falls School District Levy

$5.9 million for 2 years

Two things to keep in mind up front: 1) Idaho Schools will be getting a big chunk of money from the over $400 million approved by the Idaho legislature last fall, 2) Governor Little is asking for $20 million for increased school security.

Keep this in mind as we talk about each levy on the March 14th ballot.

Says “Flat Taxes - Increased Security”

It is higher taxes with increased surveillance.

Why are additional security officers needed at elementary schools in the Post Falls School District?

Schools now a days don’t let you just waltz in the front door. The door is locked and you have to interact with the front office/desk to get in. Why are the security vestibules needed at 3 elementary schools, the older middle school, and the alternative high school?

Why are more security cameras needed in all district schools?

I understand cameras at major entrances and exits but when do we say no? Our children are not more secure with more cameras.

A flat tax is a system of taxation where one tax rate is applied to all people. Property taxes are based on the value of your home, so it is a proportional tax. The more your property is worth the more you pay. The district saying it is a flat tax is not correct.

According to their flyer on the levy assessed values have gone up 71% from 2020 to 2022. Yet the Post Falls School District will say that the per month tax change is only $33. You might want to check their math. I don’t agree.

Have they shown “receipts” of how the last levy was spent no? Do they have details available on line about how the levy will be spent? Will they ask 3 more times this year if they get a no on March 14th?

VOTE NO March 14th!

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