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Plan To Appoint North Idaho College Trustees

Did you know that the North Idaho College Trustee’s current situation has been planned?

John Goedde, a current candidate for NIC Trustee, sent an email to Matt Freeman at the State Board of Education back in **JANUARY**. He requested that legislation be written to place authority with the State Board to break a tie by appointing trustees. Was the law re-written? Or did they find a judge who shared their point of view?

Christi Wood emailed Lyons, Howard, Sebaaly, and Goodrich in April stating, “If by some unforeseen circumstance the State Board of Education does not move forward in filling the three positions then I will consider rescinding my intent to resign.” REALLY?

Governor Little’s office has asked to sit in on State Board of Education meetings regarding North Idaho College. They have scheduled meetings with John Goedde.

Who is Goedde political allies with? Trustees Wood and Howard.

Who should not be a candidate for North Idaho College Trustee? John Goedde.

In my opinion, the State Board of Education should appoint one trustee to meet the quorum requirement.

Does the State Board of Education want to fire Dr. Sebaaly?

Does the State Board of Education want to reserve forgone taxes by December? This will RAISE YOUR TAXES in 2023.

Join me in emailing the following people to express (polite) displeasure in the “planned” replacing of trustees at North Idaho College.

Check out the images with this post to see where I am getting my information from.

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