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Optional Forms of Government - Removing Person from Commission Due to Move

(April 4th, 2022) Optional Forms of Government Commission - members arguing over the agenda for the meeting. Main person talking on the left of the screen - Chairman Dave Botting

Discussion of opinion from prosecuting attorney. Was there an opinion issued or not on whether or not a member of the commission should be removed due to not living in Kootenai County as of December 2021. Chairman Botting says that is not an issue.

Part of the by-laws for the commission states that one must be a resident of Kootenai County.

Motion to table the agenda right off - due to one of the members of the committee not being a member of the committee.

Have to take a vote on the agenda. She shouldn’t be voting on the agenda. Botting insists that she doesn’t have to step down. So the person in question, Kristen Wig, got to vote anyway.

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