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North Idaho College Trustee Discussions on President Candidate Dinners

North Idaho College Trustees discuss the NIC President Candidate dinners. The video starts off with a discussion of informal dinner innovations for trustees. Trustee Wold and McKenzie are disagreeing. Wold state that only 2 trustees can be at a candidate dinner per legal counsel. There are concerns about 3 trustees at a dinner with a candidate. Apparently Trustee McKenzie showed up at a candidate dinner where two other trustees had been invited. Future dinners with candidates were cancelled due to legal counsel concern.

Trustee Banducci asks if the candidate dinners are still up for discussion or if a decision has already been made. Trustee Wold says that a decision has been made. Banducci points out this is counter to what has been decided previously. He says that it was agreed to in writing with the search agency that all 5 trustees should dine with candidates. Now we will have 1 candidate who had a dinner with trustees and three candidates that won’t be able to do that. Banducci expressed his concern about inconsistencies. Trustee Wold says he appreciates Banducci's comments. Wold states that Trustee McKenzie broke protocol thus the cancellation of the dinners with candidates. Trustee Banducci says that is bullshit. "You guys broke protocol by not have all 5 trustees at the dinner. You guys are cheapening this process." T

rustee McKenzie says he was never consulted about the dinners. He states that Trustee Wold chose who goes to the dinner. Wold states he did not make that decision. Trustee McKenzie says that the interim president and his office have abstained from all the planning regarding the new president search so the decisions being made are by Trustee Wold.


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