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North Idaho College Trustee Banducci's Questions for Nick Swayze, NIC President Candidate.

Questions from North Idaho College Trustee Banducci read by North Idaho College Wold. Topics covered by Banducci's questions: choosing bathroom, biological men on women sports teams, BLM protests on campus, and CRT being taught on campus. Nick Swayze says that he thinks a bigger deal is made about gender issues than should be. Folks will figure it out the gender stuff. He said in terms of BLM, that he would prefer no protests on campus.

Trustee Mckenzie asked Swayze to answer the critical race theory question in more detail. First Swayze said, "It is a very nuanced theory that I doubt anyone here can identify what it is. Later he goes on to say that critical race theory is loosely defined. Finally, he says he can't see it coming up in the lower level class types taught at North Idaho College.

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