North Idaho College Survey - Part 1

This is the first in a series of posts about North Idaho College's participation "in a pilot survey focused on issues of race/ethnicity."

According to NIC President MacLennan, "The survey will help us understand our students' experience with racism, inclusion, and belonging."

The survey questions are not in order, and the images have been cropped to protect the person who sent these screenshots to me.

1) During the current academic year, this college has taken appropriate actions regarding incidents of racism. (Answer choices: agree, disagree, etc.)

2) What sex was originally listed on your birth certificate? (Answer choices: male, female, decline to answer.)

3) During the current academic year, how often have you witnessed racism in your community outside of this college? (Answer choices: Never, rarely, sometimes, often, very often)

4) At this college, there is an adequate amount of diversity among instructors and staff member. (Answer choices: agree, disagree, etc.)

5) Currently, there is culture of caring at this college. (Answer choices: disagree, agree, etc.)

6) During the current academic year at this college, I have had opportunities to provide feedback to the college regarding incidents of racism. (Answer choices: agree, disagree, etc.)

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