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North Idaho College Setting Up Students to Fail.

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Concerned students that attend North Idaho College have been expressing their concern about how to stay up with classwork in light of the quarantine policy in place at NIC.

A student exposed to Covid by someone in the same household has to quarantine and wait for the infected person's 14 days to be done, then start a 10 day quarantine. This is assuming I am understanding the policy correctly.

If you are a single parent or take care of an elderly parent, you can't just isolated yourself from the infected person. 24 days of isolation/quarantine.

This seems like NIC President McLandress is setting students up to fail.

Join me in emailing McLandress and the NIC Board of Trustees.

This policy sets up large legal liability for North Idaho College in the future. Who would pay for that? The taxpayers!

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