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North Idaho College Lawyer Resigning

Oh look. Mr. Lyons is resigning. Why is this bad?

When Lyons served NIC for 23 years was his position ever put out to competitive bid? Did anyone else watch the NIC meetings and think - Is he a lawyer for the board or the school?

An interesting quote from Lyons in the CDA Press:

“It has become clear that my services are no longer desired by those who will soon hold a majority position with the Board of Trustees,” Lyons said in his resignation letter. “While disappointing, this is certainly the right of the board, and I have no desire to further any tension or disturbances at the college.”

It seems like he is assuming a few things. I would hope that the clarification on the agenda for Wednesday would be to make it more clear to the trustees who Lyons represents, NIC or the Board of Trustees.

Next North Idaho College Board of Trustees Meeting is Nov. 30th, 6:00 pm, in the Edminster building on campus.


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