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No Taxpayer Money To Polarizing Events

Do you agree that no tax money should be given to organizations that sponsor polarizing events?

Heritage Health received 45,000 of taxpayer $$$ in 2022, and then turned around and sponsored Pride in the Park. Earilier this week, Kootenai County Commissioner Duncan recommended cutting the taxpayer money that the county gives to Heritage Health. She recommended 25,000 for fiscal year 2023. Kootenai County Commissioners Brooks and Fillios disagreed.

Commissioner Fillios stated that he thougth the taxpayer money given to Heritage Health by the county is used for scholarships for further education.

Commissioner Fillios' attitude about his “replacement” and his tone towards Duncan is unprofessional. Does he not care to do his job since he didn’t win the primary? That is how he comes across in the video.

Join me in emailing Brooks and Fillios to ask them to consider voting for the reduced amount of 25,000 for Heritage Health for fiscal year 2023.

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