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"New" North Idaho Republican group INTOLERANT

This "new" North Idaho Republicans group sure is NOT tolerant of different views.

Quite a few of the elected officials listed as founding members lost election due to not being property rights minded, fiscally conservative or they just wouldn't listen to the people who elected them. Are they sore losers?

It is so interesting that only one group or one person is at fault for various local woes. Are they seriously saying that Trustee Wood, Trustee Howard, and Councilman Saterfield have nothing to do with local woes?

More people are showing up to public meetings. How is that bad? Oh, but they don't count because you don't like their opinion.

The appointee in the Assessor's Office is per Idaho statute. You want to be involved in that process run for precinct person.

Taking over non-partisan boards? Wait, I'm hearing sore loser again. Then take it back, step up your game.

Support who you want. If you lose an election it is up to you to step up your game. I am not horrid or evil for preferring different political candidates than you.

Their list of "Not For Us" groups show their true level of intolerance. People with opposing viewpoints make us all better. Iron sharpens iron.

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