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Letter to the Editor by a Rathdrum resident:

"I have attended enough library trustee meetings to know I will vote for T&T (Tim Plass and Tom Hanley) over M&M, the two incumbents in May.

In their own literature, the incumbents say they "are committed to keeping obscenity out of the library." Perhaps they need to define "obscenity." Read for yourself excerpts from sexually explicit books available to our children in the libraries here

Most distressing is the incumbents calling parents, grandparents, concerned citizens and taxpayers who do not agree with their world view "extremists." Good people concerned about the availability of sexually explicit "grooming" books to our young children are standing up to the evil perversion that has infiltrated and taken over our libraries.

If the term "extremist" is going to be tossed about, then perhaps M&M should wear the label, for they have played a part in radically transforming the libraries from the values and purposes we remember from our youth."


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