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Legal Defense Fund

For those of you not aware:

"My name is Summer Bushnell. I provide news and commentary on issues affecting North Idaho.

On June 16th, 2022 I reported on a man performing in a sexually suggestive manner in a public park in front of children. A careful examination of the video I published shows that during one part of the performance he appears to have had a "wardrobe malfunction", exposing his genitals to minors.

I'm now being sued for defamation, and there appears to be a lot of money behind them. At issue is the use of blurring during the video, and my claim that exposure occurred. I maintain that exposure did occur, and therefore the use of blurring was appropriate.

Please prayerfully consider supporting me in my legal fight. If there is any money left over I will return it, and I appreciate and sincerely thank you for your support.

Please help protect honest journalism and public participation. Thank you!

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