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Kootenai County Commissioners Comments on Airport Lease

Here are the public comments/thoughts of the Kootenai County Commissioners regarding a new lease at the Coeur d'Alene airport.

Commissioner Brooks thinks that the people are trying to make the airport lease a problem. He said, " This is a lease and should be treated as such. Like other people who have leases out there. We shouldn't ask for financials or a business plan from anyone wanting a lease."

Commissioner Duncan said, "I would agree with you Bill (Brooks) if this was an aeronautical lease without revenue sharing. Also, it is a 50 year lease, not a 25 year lease like the other leases at the airport."

Commissioner Filios said he is more comfortable with a 25 year lease with an option to renew. Revenue sharing is not going to work in his opinion. He stated that this needs to be a simple lease. "We need to remove the Bank of China from the picture.

Please join me in thanking Filios and Duncan for their comments. Also, let's email Brooks about why he wants this lease to be treated like other leases at the airport, when it is not like the other leases at the airport.

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