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Kootenai County Commissioner Thoughts on Public Comment Regarding the CDA Airport

Commissioner Duncan said, " I would like an operating agreement, business plan, financials, etc."

Commissioner Filios asks if Steven (CDA Airport Director)wants to respond to anything said so far. Steven says vote on it as is. Then we can start over or make changes.

Fraser, the guy asking for the lease, asks to comment. He says, "It looks like I am being portrayed as the bad guy. I don’t like being the bad guy." He said he doesn't understand why the skeet club has an issue.

Fraser goes on to talk about the Bank of China. He says that he brought aviation to china. His company had a business partnership with the central government of china for ten years.

He mentions that he too has concerns with China. He also mentions that attending these meetings have cost him $30,000-40,000. He wanted to remind everyone that this lease is for storage facilities. "I don’t intend to make millions of dollars."

Commissioner Filios asks Commissioner Brooks if he wants to weigh in. Brooks says no. "I have said what I have to say."


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