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Intolerant Of Other Opinions

Hayden City Councilman DePriest talked about supposed deliberate misinformation at the 9/13 Hayden City Council Meeting.

He says that he likes to interact with people on line to lend a second opinion. He claims that lots of blocking and censorship has been happening on local Facebook pages and groups.

What he failed to mention is that he is intolerant of other opinions. Other opinions are not misinformation. When Ed was on the Facebook group Responsible Growth North Idaho he would block and censor opinions he didn't like. He also tried to shut down the group once he took office even though he was not the one to create it. Ed doesn't want a debate or conversation in my opinion, that is why he is blocked from the Bushnell Report. Another Taskforce member has also been blocked.

Notice the dig against Councilwoman White.

Might want to check out:

An elected official can still express their opinion as long as they do it without using public money, property, or resources.

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