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HomeSchool Idaho Is Wrong

A group called Homeschool Idaho has sent out an email about SB 1038 that is not factual.

They say that ESA's will inflate costs. ESA funds will not inflate things. Has that been proven true in the past? I don't think it has. That is a guess on their part.

They say that wealthy investors are writing ESA legislation. This particular bill is not. It is supported by Idaho State Representatives and Senators that homeschool their kids.

They say the ESA is mandatory. ESAs are an optional program that one can use. You have to opt in. All homeschoolers are paying into the public system. It takes a percentage of that and allows the private school or home school parent to use their taxes to help their own child. If they want to.

1038 does not give control to any state entity.

1038 does make sure that the money is used for education and not for a trip to Hawaii. That is reasonable.

1038 does not make private schools or homeschoolers get approval on curriculum. There is no registration of home schoolers. There is no required testing.

1038 has a financial system that gives out payments for education related things. Getting the payments sent out does require an account to be created.

The provisions of the bill do not contradict anything. Anyone who says that is lying.

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